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Soon you will have the option to listen to WHMV-LP anytime and from anywhere.  Phase II  of our rollout will include streaming over the internet.  Listen to WHMV-LP on your streaming device.  Get caught up on local news, weather, and community events. 

You will always feel right at home streaming WHMV-LP from anywhere!
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We are currently seeking interested individuals to be station volunteers.  Please Contact us if interested.

We are a 501 C-3 Corporation and are listed with the New York State Attorney General Office's Charity Bureau.

Please know that your contributions are the only source of funding for  our studio and broadcast facilities.  Without your support, this radio station cannot exist.
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Radio Station WHMV-LP (“the Station”) is licensed to Mohawk, NY and is authorized by the Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) to operate its noncommercial broadcast station on an assigned frequency of 97.5 Mhz. The licensee of the Station is the Mohawk Valley Radio Group, Inc.  Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the FCC, the Station is permitted to broadcast underwriting and sponsorship announcements from for-profit entities, but is not permitted to broadcast commercial advertisements on behalf of for-profit entities. However, in the case of a bona fide non-profit entity the Station is permitted to broadcast commercial advertisements on behalf of that bona fide non-profit entity.

We think you will find that underwriting programming on WHMV-LP is very beneficial and effective.  Targeting local listeners is good business!  It lets listeners know that through your contribution, you are supporting the local radio station they enjoy.  Compared to advertising on regional commercial radio stations in the area, we’re sure you’ll find our sponsorships are much more cost effective and as a sponsor, you'll receive on air acknowledgement of your support.

Acknowledgements appear in the form of the name of the business, location, contact information, hours of operation, and a brief overview of products/services provided. LPFM stations are not permitted to mention prices, fees, or calls to action.  See our underwriting contract for more details or contact us directly.

If you would like to learn more about underwriting our programming and becoming a sponsor, please contact the radio station.

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